Drew Tucker

Drew Tucker is one of the original 25 Magic: The Gathering artists. He started college at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale studying Graphic Design. After making it through the program, he moved in with his parents in Tennessee and attended a Baptist College to explore more of the visual arts. After a year or two he moved back to Carbondale, got married, and moved up to Seattle, where he finally graduated with a BA at Cornish College of the Arts. He spent about five years there, moved back to Carbondale for a few, then moved over to New York City, where he received his Masters degree under Marshall Arisman at the school of visual arts. He finally moved to Olney, where he is currently illustrating and teaching at Olney Central College. (From the MTG Wiki pages)

It has been a real pleasure and a honour to share his creative proccess in this tribute to Moebius -Jean Giraud- that has become an awesome project, and absolutely worth all the efforts put on it.

If you know about his unique style, you get to understand what is in the picture, and figure out what is not...