Tribute to moebius Gallery

Hi there, this are all the contributions to this blog made so far dedicated to give tribute to Moebius through his main character Lieutenant Blueberry. Links to authors sites are under each picture. Many many thanks to all of them, professionals, amateurs, I can only say THANK YOU for your good vibes and cooperation.

Paul Renaud:  Paul Renaud Officiel

©Jean-Luc Serrano: 
 IMDb Profile

Didier Cromwell:

Oliver Taduc:  Olivier Taduc Officiel

Felix Meynet:

Gonzalo Martínez:

Tiomir Tikulin @ devianart:

Jovan Ukropina @ devianart:

Chris Regnault@ devianart:

Alex Orbe:


Fan art by Pablo Sanchez.


Jesús Alonso Iglesias:

Kenny Ruiz:

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